Welcome to
Heal from Sex Addiction!

If you have come to this page, you are probably experiencing pain and struggle associated with sex addiction.

If you are a sex or porn addict, you may want badly to control your behavior and yet, having tried so many times and failed, you now feel hopeless. 

If you are the partner of a sex addict, you are having to face the fact that your partner is not at all who you thought they were.

hopeless man

The one you thought you were safe with, has betrayed you in ways you could never imagine—and you are overwhelmed by all your feelings. 

Whether you know you are a sex addict, are wondering if you might have a porn or sex addiction, or are in a relationship with a sex addict (or fear you might be), I am glad that you have come here.

You have taken the critical first step to heal by acknowledging that you have a problem and seeking help. My goal is to help you heal.

Perhaps you are here to learn more about sex addiction because you care about this epidemic in our society. Hurray for you!

The escalation of sex addiction in our society is going to have profound consequences that we are only beginning to see.

Having more people educated about the problem and prepared to help addicts, partners, and families, is crucial. Thanks for coming!

The Healing Journey

The first step is acknowledging a problem. You’re here—so, one down already! 

(Or, if you are still wondering, you can check out “What is Sex Addiction?” and the sex addict quiz.)

Step two is education. Educate yourself on the effects of sex addiction—on the addict, on partners and families, and on society at large.

hopeless woman

Learn how sex addictions develop and escalate, how relational trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) manifest, and how the brain functions in both the problem and the solution.

I will help you understand these processes and provide references and links for other resources.

Step three is taking responsibility and action. Acknowledgement and knowledge of a problem alone will not heal. You have to take action steps. Of course, you already know that but you may not know what to do.

I will offer guidance for the initial stage of disclosure, early recovery work, rebuilding relationships, and relapse prevention. I will also offer suggestions for faith communities and other groups who want to be a healing resource.

One, two, three… your healing journey has begun. It is not an easy path by any means. But you are not alone.

One step at a time and you can heal from sex addiction.

Patience Needed

We live in a society in which we have come to expect immediate results. And when we are in pain, we want something that will bring relief NOW. (This desire contributes to the development and maintenance of addiction.) 

But the healing journey you are embarking is more like climbing Mt. Everest than finding flights on the Internet. Be patient with yourself and the process. Everyone’s pace is different. 

Be compassionate with yourself and your partner. Nothing good has ever come out of self-loathing or hatred—and these won’t bring the healing you want either. You are both “works in progress.”

My intent and commitment is to help you heal. I am launching this site incomplete—it too is a work in progress.

I will continue to add the information I have promised and even more information to help you heal from sex addiction.